Applied Computer Sience


Applied Computer Sience

Year Schedule

This is the year schedule 2019/2020 for the Master’s Degree Programme in Information Security, the Master’s Degree programme in Computer Science and the Experience-based Master’s Programme in in Information Security at NTNU.

Information about the autumn semester:

  • Mandatory start seminar for new master students on Friday August 16. 2019. 
  • Lectures/schedule from week no 35. For further details, check "programme components" and courses. 
  • Autumn semester schedule/timetable will be available from the end of July. Schedule dates and examination dates will be published per course approximately at the end of July, more details in the seminar Aug 16.
  • Spring semester details per course will be available/published during December.
  • More details about each course will be available through "Blackboard" (Digital course rooms/Learning Management System) from the beginning of August (semester registration is required), more details Aug. 16.
  • Course period for 7,5 ECTS courses from August through November + examination. Exceptions may occur, sometimes (but very seldom) courses will be organized as intensive courses during half a semester (details should be included in the Course description, see Programme components). 
  • Exam period end of semester - Details in StudyCalendar. Written exams during end of November plus December, in the spring semester examinations take place from mid-May through June. Home examinations, oral exams and hand-in-projects (=exam) can be outside the main exam period. Will be announced per course from beginning of the semester (more details during seminar Aug 16.)
  • Re-sit exams in the beginning of August the next year
  • Intranet / Innsida channel per programme: The most important information channel for your study programme, general info. 
  • Blackboard: the main channel for information & communication regarding each course when you have signed on. 

Information about the spring semester:

  • Details about spring semester courses will be available on "Blackboard" from the beginning of December (semester registration is required!). Spring semester registration will open approximately on 1 December; use this possibility to get access to more information about the spring courses you intend to take. 
  • Also, schedule and exam information per course will be published during (at the latest) December.
  • "Only" activities per course, no start-up seminar per programme in the spring semester or later, "just" check course Schedule
  • Lectures & teaching activities from the beginning of January, check schedule per course/course code and StudyCalendar
  • Exam period at the end of the semester: mid-May through June
  • Re-sit exams (both Autumn and Spring semester courses) in August.

The final semester / Master Thesis MACS490, MIS4900, IMT4905:

  • Master thesis Seminars/workshop/briefing: We will invite to 1 half-day Seminar during January in your last semester.  Check Schedule MACS490, MIS4900, IMT4905 + BlackBoard Master-the room + Intranet programme channel. Fulltime students: To be completed in 6 months (1 semester/Jan-June or Aug-Dec), part time students (MIS-D and MISEB) can spend 2 semesters (50% student).
  • Master Thesis Agreement student & supervisor & any external company to be handed in during January or August (within 1 February or 15 September). Approved by the Department. 
  • Master Thesis hand-in: Spring semester: 1 June, autumn semester: 15 December
  • Master Thesis presentation: Mid-June or beginning of January. Attendance is required!