Master's degree programme, 2 years

Human Movement Science

Human Movement Sciences

The Master of Science in Human Movement Science is an interdisciplinary programme that deals with human movements in general and physical activities and sports in particular.

About Human Movement Science

Body movements are studied in an interdisciplinary perspective which combines and integrates social scientific and natural scientific aspects of physical activities. In this connection, psychology, pedagogics, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and epidemiology are examples of basic disciplines. These areas relate to performance ability and training for individuals and groups at different performance levels, of different age (children, adolescents, adults, elderly) and with different states of health. Focus is on understanding and developing knowledge about movement science in light of sports activities, primary and secondary preventive health work, the incidence of and training after sports injuries and disease as well as analysis of movement problems and (re)habilitation.

This study is suited for those who are interested in human physical activities: exercise, learning and development; top-level and recreational sports; and the connections between physical activity and health. It is also relevant for those who wish to learn more about anatomy and physiology, i.e. which muscles and movements that are used during exercise and physical activities, and for those who wish to register and analyze bodily movements with for instance children, elderly people, or top-level athletes.


A scientific approach

The master's degree programme in Human Movement Sciences emphasizes a scientific approach. The objectives are to provide the students with knowledge and experience to work with relevant scientific working methods and build up an understanding for research results interpretation. Students will learn the subject material through textbooks and studies of scientific publications. During their studies, students will be trained in various forms of written and oral knowledge dissemination. The programme also forms the basis for admission to doctoral programmes.

NTNU is the only educational institution in Norway which offers a master's degree in Human Movement Science. Furthermore, NTNU's interdisciplinary emphasis provides exciting opportunities across different disciplines.

Programme structure

The Master of Science in Human Movement Science is a two-year long programme which consits of compulsory and elective courses, and a masters' thesis (60 ECTS).

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