Master's degree programme, 2 years

Human Movement Science

– Admission

Admission requirements
The programme is open to both ordinary degree students and exchange students.

Ordinary degree students
Ordinary degree students must apply through søknadsweb . The application deadline is 1 March for students with education from abroad. For those applying on the basis of education from a Nordic country, the application deadline is 15 April.

The Master's programme builds on the Bachelor's degree in in Sport and Human Movement Science. We may also accept applicants with an alternative bachelor's degree related to human movement science (as sport science or various health related degrees, for example physiological therapist), or a bachelor's degree in social or natural science (for example psychology or biology). Possible admission to the study programme requires a minimum of an average grade of C or the equivalent. C is however, not a guarantee for admission.

Please note that degree-seeking students must meet certain language requirements .

Exchange students
Exchange students must apply within 1 May for the autumn semester and 1 October for the spring semester. 

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Norwegian language requirements

Only the International Master's programmes are taught in English.