Experience-Based Master's Programme, 4 years

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

In modern society, children and families are exposed to many different types of strain. In combination with care and protection their vulnerabilities and resources influence how strain and traumatization affect their emotions, quality of life, mental health and addictive behaviour. However these dynamics also depend on their  family and social context as providers of protection and care or as the sources of neglect, abuse and stress.

This knowledge must have consequences for all services and institutions in contact with children, adolescents and families. The number of children and families seeking help is rising, which again leads to increased demand for scientifically based knowledge and interventions and insight into scientific methods of improving knowledge and services. Our society is in demand for more efficient and skilled services satisfying the needs of children and families and increasing their coping capabilities.

The master's program in Child and adolescent  mental health primarily aims at people working in children, adolescents and families in child  protection, health service, school, kindergarten and related services. However, others with a relevant bachelor meeting those in  risk or strain in other settings or working in public administration may participate in parts of the program. The program has a special focus on integrating knowledge with  practice and implementing new practices into service provision based on scientific knowledge and methods.

The master's program is a part-time program offered by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The courses may be taken separately, integrated into further education packages or be built up to a master's degree. Some courses are also relevant for professionals with a master's degree seeking training new scientifically based assessment and intervention methods.

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