Master, 2 years

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Society

– About the programme

Would you like to acquire a better understanding of the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, and the entrepreneur as actor in society?

The master's programme in entrepreneurship, innovation and society gives you insight in the entrepreneur's importance for society's development, and the meaning of social context for entrepreneurship. The study gives insight in the classical research tradition related to entrepreneurship, and new forms of entrepreneurship that get extensive attention today (for instance social and cultural entrepreneurship), and new forms of restructuring (like "green" culture-based development).

The master's programme also gives you knowledge about entrepreneurship as an interdisciplinary field of research. It provides insight in how concepts like entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and restructuring are connected. The aim is that you as a student shall be able to understand the relations between entrepreneurship, local and regional restructuring processes, urban and rural development and regional and innovation politics.


Language of instruction: Norwegian

Duration: 2 years, 120 ECTS
Programme code: MENTRESAM
Restricted admission: yes

Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences
Department of Geography

City: Trondheim
Application deadline: 15th April

This information applies to the current academic year

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