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European Studies

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Validity of information:
The Programme Components on this page are valid for the Academic year 2019/2020. Changes may occur in the following Academic years.

Programme components MEUROPA

Courses and curriculum

The Master's programme in European Studies is a full-time, two-year study programme, worth 120 credits (ECTS). The programme is structured around three central foci that are closely connected to the overarching theme of the Bachelor in European Studies, namely “Differentiated Europe: Integration, Cooperation and Conflict”.

First, EU integration-related issues are investigated in courses, such as “The Political Economy of Integration” and “Governing Europe: Societal Actors, Networks and Lobbying”. Second, the variety of cooperation arrangements existing within the EU and between the EU and EEA members as well as non EU/EEA countries are examined in “Dealing with the EU from the Outside” and “The EU as a Global Actor”. Third, “Contesting Europe” explores the conflicts that arise from the ever more topical contestation of European integration and cooperation by key societal actors.

In addition, the MA in European Studies includes a comprehensive research trajectory. “Research and Project Planning” and the MA thesis provide students with the methodological and practical skills necessary for successfully writing a longer, research-based academic study of the highest quality. In the second semester, students are strongly encouraged to spend a semester abroad to take courses complementary to the MEUROPA curriculum or do an internship in Norway or abroad.

1st year

First term (autumn)
Course code Course title Credits (ECTS)
EUR3411 The Political Economy of Integration  7,5
EUR3413 Governing Europe: Societal Actors, Networks and Lobbying  7,5
EUR3414 Differentiated Integration: The Norwegian Case in Perspective  7,5
EUR3416 Contesting Europe  7,5


Second  term (spring)
Course code Course title Credits (ECTS)
Various choices Study abroad or internship 30


2nd year

Third term (autumn) 
Course code Course title Credits (ECTS)
EUR3415 Research and Project Planning 


EUR3418 The EU as a Global Actor  7,5
Various choices Elective course(s)* 15


Fourth term (spring)
Course code Course title Credits (ECTS)
EUR3001 Master's Thesis in European Studies 30


Master's Thesis

Each student writes a final thesis (30 credits) as the culmination of his/her work towards the Master in European Studies. The topic of the thesis should fall within the programme's thematic scope and cover the European Union, European integration or European relations broadly conceived. The MA thesis is a scientific investigation based on empirical research. It should demonstrate the student’s ability to critically analyse and interpretation complex information and data, to conduct independent research and communicate research findings in a comprehensive, yet sophisticated manner. Each student is assigned a thesis supervisor who provides regular guidance during the research and writing process. The MA thesis is written in English.

* The elective course(s) can be chosen from the course portfolio of either the Faculty of Humanities (e.g. History or Languages) or the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences.

01 Aug 2019

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