European Studies

International Master's programme 2 years, Trondheim

European Studies

Study Abroad and Internship

We strongly encourage students of the Master in European Studies to spend the second semester of their first year at one of the Universities in Europe with which NTNU’s Faculty of Humanities has exchange agreements. The study abroad semester is worth 30 credits. Up to 30 credits can be replaced with a relevant and approved internship or traineeship to gain work experience. NTNU’s newly established Brussels Office provides internship offers that are suitable for European Studies students.

NTNU has concluded agreements with a number of universities across Europe where European Studies students can study abroad for semester. These universities include for example the University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom) with which we have an agreement specific for European Studies students, the Université de Strasbourg (France), the Universidad de Granada (Spain) and the Leipzig Universität (Germany). More detailed information about the study abroad semester will be provided during the first semester.

Studying or interning abroad for a semester will give you a unique opportunity to take courses complementary to the European Studies curriculum, be exposed to new societal, cultural, work or academic environments, refine your foreign language and communication skills, and further develop valuable ‘soft’ skills such as intercultural awareness and sensitivity. These skills are highly sought after by employers, nationally and internationally, and will give your CV a strong comparative advantage.

For students who choose to remain at the NTNU, the study abroad/internship semester will be replaced by relevant credits corresponding to 22,5 credits and Experts in Teamwork (EiT) equivalent to 7,5 credits.

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13 Nov 2017