The Nordic Master's Degree Programme in Gerontology, NordMaG, is implemented in three Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. NordMaG offers advanced understanding of key issues and controversies related to ageing and the elderly, covering topics related to ageing of individuals and populations, consequences of aging as well as factors that underlie the ageing processes. The programme explores the most common issues of well-being in old age and ways to promote successful and healthy ageing.

The NordMaG is integrated into a local Master´s degree programme at the respective universities (120 ECTS credits). At University of Iceland the studies are organized into four academic terms and an individual study plan will be established for the students. At Lund University, Jönköping University and NTNU Gjøvik, the programme is presently organized over 4 years i.e. half-time studies. Through an individual study plan the programme can be completed in 2 years.


Degree: Nordic Master's Degree Programme in Gerontology - NordMaG

ECTS: 120
Language of instruction: Main language for the study programme is Norwegian. Some courses are offered in English

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department of Health Sciences in Gjøvik

Location: Gjøvik

The study programme is cancelled from the academic year 2018/2019