– The four nordic universities

Each of the institutes contributes to the programme with their domain of expertise. NordMaG is integrated into a local Master´s degree programme at the respective universities. Students choose courses (a minimum of 20 ECTS credits) outside their home university. Mobility is supported by the Nordplus Gerontology Network.

University of Iceland (UI), Iceland

  • Expertise: Gerontological social work and social gerontology
  • NordMaG is integrated into: Master's Programme in Gerontology at the Faculty of Social Work. Teaching language is Icelandic except in NordMaG courses which are taught in English.
  • Degree: Master in Gerontology
  • Contact: Associate Professor Sigurveig H. Sigurðardóttir (Coordinator), tel: +354 525 5222

Lund University (LU), Sweden

  • Expertise: Environmental and health gerontology
  • NordMaG programme is integrated into: Master of Medical Sciences Programme at the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Health Sciences. Teaching language is English in courses with non-Scandinavian students enrolled. All NordMaG courses are in English
  • Degree: Master of Medical Sciences, major in nursing, physiotherapy or occupational therapy with a speciality in gerontology
  • Contact:Associate Professor Agneta Malmgren Fänge, tel: +46 46 222 19 72

NTNU in Gjøvik, Norway

  • Expertise: Health gerontology and psychology of agening
  • NordMaG is integrated into the Master’s Programme in Public Health at the Department of Health Sciences in Gjøvik. Teaching language is Norwegian except for the course ’Psychology of Ageing’ which are taught in English when NordMag students are admitted.
  • Degree: Master in Public Health
  • Contact: Professor Per Erik Solem (

Jönköping University (JU), Sweden

  • Expertise: Longitudinal perspective on biopsychosocial aging, and social policies for an aging society
  • NordMaG is integrated to: Master Program of Gerontology at School of Health Sciences in Jönköping. Teaching language is Swedish except in NordMag courses which are taught in English
  • Degree: Master in Gerontology
  • Contact: Ph.D Joy Torgé  (