Experience-based master's programme

Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics

NTNU offers an experience-based master's programme (continuing education) in healthcare informatics adapted for those who wish to study while remaining employed.

The programme was created with the basic assumption that the IT sector and the health sector need some employees who have a basic understanding of both subjects in order to design, implement, introduce and use IT-systems in better ways in the Health sector

What is Healthcare informatics?

Good information systems for healthcare require a close dialogue between multiple disciplines and professions, both between those who create IT solutions and those who will use them. With the increasing demand for clinical documentation and collaboration, IT will play an increasingly larger role in healthcare.

Healthcare informatics is all about developing methods, techniques and theory to create IT systems for health care and the related study of information and communication processes in health care.

Educational Content

NTNU offers a full-fledged master's programme in healthcare informatics of 120 credits, covered in 4 years. The programme is for those with an educational background in IT or healthcare. The majority of courses are common to all, and are conducted as problem-and project-based teamwork. In addition, there are specific subjects for students who have an IT or healthcare background. Project teams are assembled across backgrounds, and themes are taken from both current research and issues raised in the participants' workplaces.

By meeting and working with participants from different disciplines, you will become familiar with different kinds of perspectives and challenges. The programme will enable you to contribute to both methodological and professional development in your workplace. It will give you a thorough understanding of current methods and practices, and provides the tools to develop solutions and the ability to cooperate across the different disciplines of the profession.

With a master's degree in healthcare informatics, you will have great professional expertise in a highly sought-after specialty.

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Degree type: Experience-based master's degree
Programme code: MHLSINF
Restricted admission: Yes

Faculty: Medicine
Department: Neuroscience

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