Advanced Master's Degree Programme, 2 years (

Product Design and Manufacturing

– Admission

Degree type: Master's degree (2 years) - Ordinary master's degree for engineers

Language of instruction: Norwegian

Entrance Requirements: Norwegian proficiency; mathematics prerequisites, education prerequisites

An alternative study option

Many of our ordinary master's programmes have an International master's programme equivalent. These 2-year master's programmes, taught in English, are often nearly identical to their counterpart programmes for graduates from Norwegian engineering colleges. There are more than 30 International Master's Programmes to choose from.

Who can apply? (Ordinary master's)

This programme is geared towards Norwegian applicants with 3-year engineering degrees (ingeniørutdanning).

If you speak Norwegian or any other Scandinavian language, you have your choice of virtually all study programmes at NTNU for undergraduate and master's degree students, given your other educational qualifications.

Requirements for admission

In general, admission to NTNU is highly competitive, particularly for engineering, architecture, and medicine. A strong grade average is an essential prerequisite to secure a place. Medicine, engineering and architecture also have special requirements in mathematics and physics. Admission to this version of this study programme (ordinary master's degree) requires:

  • Engineering education prerequisite: A relevant engineering college degree (Evaluation procedures)
  • Mathematics: Prerequisite completion of mathematics for engineers 1-4 — including mathematical methods (I,II,III) or the equivalent, and statistics — resulting in at least 30 credits.

More information in Norwegian

The application process

  • How to Apply - For students with the prerequisite Scandinavian educational background (regular applicants)
  • Applications - submit through Søknadsweb
  • Application deadlines:
    - 1. march for applicants with degrees from outside Scandinavia
    - 15. april for fall admission, regular applicants
    - 15. november for spring admission, regular applicants