Information Security

Experience-based master's degree, 3 years, Gjøvik

Information Security

– About the programme

About the programme

This master's program is suitable for those who work with computer crime, security and analysis of electronic traces or cyberattacks in, for example, the police, the judiciary, public services or government organisations in the Nordic countries.

We live in a society where digitalisation permeate our private lives, education and working life. Several important societal functions are becoming increasingly digitalised, and we rely on information technology to solve important societal tasks. Technology provides us with great opportunities, but our dependency also makes us vulnerable to cyberattacks and computer crime. Many industries are largely controlled by digital systems, and the need for experts to ensure these systems is growing.

With this experience-based master's degree in information security, you will learn how to manage and prevent data attacks to strengthen social security. You will learn how to build secure and solid information systems, as well as the theoretical background you need to succeed in a very important and rewarding application area.

Recommended optional fields of study (offered through elective courses):

  • Cyber and Information Security Technology
  • Information Security Management
  • Digital forensics 

Labor market

Those with expertise in information security are high in demand, and will have vast opportunities when choosing a career path.

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