Master of Philosophy in Childhood Studies


Master of Philosophy in Childhood Studies

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Are you interested in children's everyday lives and in childhood as a social and cultural phenomenon? Would you like to know about children's lives in different parts of the world? What about the changing conditions of childhood in the era of globalisation? If so, the international master's programme in Childhood Studies might be perfect for you.

The programme provides students with an understanding of the relationship between childhood and culture as well as the dynamics between economic, social and political conditions and children's livelihoods and welfare in different contexts, that is family-life, day-care and schools, local communities etc. The programme covers the state of childhood(s) in the western world and in countries in the South. The approach is multi-disciplinary, with particular emphasis on perspectives drawn from disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, geography, and history.

Examples of topics for the master's thesis include:

  • Children's experiences of joint custody
  • Rural children's livelihoods
  • Childhood and community services
  • Children's rights and citizenship
  • Family mediation
  • Child care and intergenerational relationships
  • Street children and health
  • Children, obesity and television advertisement
  • Children and education

Childhood studies and sustainable development goals (SDG)

Childhood studies and sustainable development goals (SDG)

Childhood studies and sustainable development goals (SDG)

The taught and research components of MPhil in Childhood Studies encourage students to engage with the UN 2030 agenda on sustainable development. These include:

 SDG 1 on childhood poverty Sustainable development goals 1. Illustration.



Sustainable development goals 2. Illustration. SDG 2 on hunger and food security



Sustainable development goals 3. Illustration. SDG 3 on healthy life and wellbeing



Sustainable development goals 4. Illustration. SDG 4 on quality education and lifelong learning



Sustainable development goals 5. Illustration. SDG 5 on gender equality and empowerment of girls and women



Sustainable development goals 8. Illustration. SDG 8 on worst forms of child labour, and decent livelihood for young men and women

MPhil in Childhood Studies - brochure

MPhil in Childhood Studies - brochure

Please download the brochure about MPhil in Childhood Studies.

Key facts

Key facts

  • More than 100 students from 25 countries have completed the degree
  • Focus on academic writing
  • Collaboration with Brunel University, UK
  • Opportunity to do fieldwork abroad
  • Lectures, staff and administration at Dragvoll campus, Trondheim
  • No tuition or admission fee
  • Introductory programme for new students
  • Established in 2006

Seminar in BARN3102 21 April: Climate change and children's rights

Webinar about climate change and children's rights

See the webinar. In the seminar young people will share their experiences of climate activism and their encounter with the political sphere. The seminar is open to all.