Urban Ecological Planning

Course description

The program is divided into four semesters, each of which comprises of courses totaling 30 ECTS. In the first semester, students attend an obligatory fieldwork, undertaken by the whole class in an urban context relevant to the program. The second field work/internship is undertaken individually and forms the basis for the Master’s thesis written by the students. The thesis itself is written in the last semester of the program and counts for 30 ECTS. The following is a structure of the program in terms of obligatory courses, electives and fieldworks.

1. year

Code Name SP
Semester 1
AAR4816 Theory and Methods Compulsory 7,5
AAR4525 Urban Action Planning: Project Course Compulsory. Fieldwork six weeks. 15
AAR4820 Reflections and Implications Compulsory 7,5
Code Name SP
Semester 2
AAR5210 Current Challenges in Urban Practice (HLP) Compulsory 7,5
AAR5250 Preparation for Fieldwork: Research Methods Compulsory 7,5
AAR5290 Innovations in Digital Mapping and Social Media Elective 7,5
AAR5220 Urban Resilience Compulsory 7,5


Summer break

Field work and/or internship (optional)

2. year

Code Name SP
Semester 1
AAR5325 Designing Effective Programs Compulsory 7,5
AAR5270 Globalisation and Urban Development Compulsory 7,5
FP4350 Planning Theory and Urban Theory Compulsory 7,5
GEOG3516 Humanitarianism: Theory and Practice Elective 7,5
AAR5390 Practice Internship in Urban Development and Resilience Elective 7,5
Code Name SP
Semester 2
AAR5400 M.Sc. Thesis in Urban Development and Resilience 30