International study environment

Urban Ecological Planning

International study environment

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The study program is intense through its initial fieldwork based course. The students form a «real team» in addressing on-the-ground local issues and opportunities. Working in a team with a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds makes a «fertile» ground of exchange and learning. With student groups made up of many different nationalities, drawing on and learning from experiences and understandings from each other is seen as a resource in the class. UEP students have also been joining many other projects, workshops and initiatives, which enabled them not only to gain additional knowledge, but also to expand their academic, professional and social networks.

You will be studying in Trondheim, Norway – a quiet, yet dynamic mid-size city, which offers plenty of opportunities for personal development, recreation, sports and entertainment. The city is focused around the university and the affiliated research institutions and technology companies, which attract students and young professionals from around the world.

Trondheim is also a good urban laboratory due to its cultural richness and diversity in demographics and built form. As an ancient capital of Norway, Trondheim has a large pedestrian-oriented central area where you will find some very well-preserved heritage buildings made of wood and stone. This old center coexists nicely with the recently redeveloped port and shipyard areas, which turned into a vibrant district made up of reused warehouses, modern residential and office buildings and high quality public spaces. Trondheim is also known from its good cycling infrastructure and hiking trails that take you out into the beautiful nature in no time.

The university-affiliated organizations offer affordable student housing options linked to well-equipped gyms, sport facilities and activity rooms. As a student at the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts at NTNU, you have access to excellent working conditions with a modern library, computer labs and study rooms.

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