Urban Ecological Planning / Urban Development and Resilience


Staff - associates

Rolee Aranya 
Rolee Aranya is a Professor at the Department of Architecture and Planning. Her research interests include relational studies of poverty and informality, globalization and urban restructuring and governance as a form for organization in planning and urban development. She has been program leader for the Master program in Urban Ecological Planning till Autumn 2014 and continues as the Program Leader for the Master’s program in Sustainable Urban Transitions.

Peter Andreas Gotsch
Professor Dr. Peter Andreas Gotsch is the academic programme director of the Urban Ecological Planning at NTNU’s Department of Architecture and Planning.
He is an urban planner and architect, graduated from Columbia University, USA, and RWTH Aachen University in Germany.  His experience ranges from lead urban expert and regular consultant to UN-Habitat, the World Bank, GIZ and Misereor/KZE and to multiple local and national governments, having completed more than thirty missions to more than twenty countries.
Former Professor of Design and Urban Development and interim chair of the Mundus Urbano Programme on International Cooperation and Urban Development at the TU (Technical University) Darmstadt, Germany.
Ex-coordinator of the project U-CARE – Urban Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa: It's impact, Coping Strategies and Peace Building (VW Foundation, Germany) and SHAKTI – Sustainable Holistic Approach and Know-How Tailored to India (BMBF, Germany).
Research focus on new planning approaches, the research-policy nexus, innovation at grassroot level, social housing, urban safety, public space and place-making, cities and migration, co-production of space by new urban actors, scenario planning methods and comparative research approaches.
Author of various publications and policy reports and regular key-note speaker, guest lecturer and host of multiple conferences and events related planning and urbanization in the global South.
Co-editor of the Trialog-Journal and part of the scientific board of the N-AERUS network.

Brita Fladvad Nielsen
Brita Fladvad Nielsen is a recent graduate from NTNU with a Ph.D. dissertation framing the characteristics of the humanitarian market. Her dissertation is entitled “Framing humanitarian action through design thinking”. Brita holds a Masters of Technology degree in Industrial Design Engineering from NTNU which she received in 2005. Since then, she has gathered broad experience both from working with the United Nations, the Norwegian peace corps initiative Design without Borders, and recently from working with applied research directed at the humanitarian market in her Ph.D. Brita teaches at UEP with a special focus on participatory design thinking methods to facilitate citizen and stakeholder-led processes. Currently, she also holds a post doctoral position in the Smart Sustainable Cities research group at NTNU.

Hanne Vrebos 
Hanne Vrebos has a background in architectural engineering and has experience in both the humanitarian and development sector. Her experience includes projects on urban development, urban resilience, disaster risk reduction and slum upgrading in Brazil, Haiti and Kenya. She has also done extensive fieldworks and research in projects in Uganda and France on housing, shelter and self-help. Currently she works as a research assistant where she implements the UEP program activities and helps with teaching.

Mrudhula Koshy
Mrudhula Koshy is a PhD research fellow working on themes in uncertainty and contingency planning. Mrudhula is from India but grew up in Qatar. After her bachelors’ education in architecture and urban design in India, she completed her postmasters in urbanism from The Netherlands (TU Delft) and Italy (IUAV).  At NTNU, she uses her multi-cultural background for a nuanced and exploratory research of diverse spatial contexts, cultures and social groups to develop flexible and adaptive frameworks for global urban issues.  Her core interests lie in developing context-based, multi-scalar strategies and methodologies for complex spatial research and design themes to address structural ambiguities and urgencies especially in the global south.

David Smith
David researches on post-disaster reconstruction and urban resilience. David previously worked as an accredited architect (OAQ) in Montréal, Canada and took part in evaluations of post-disaster projects in Haiti. He holds a MA in Development and Emergency Practice from Oxford Brookes University, England and a MArch from Université Laval, Canada. His PhD research topic is “Marketplaces in post-disaster cities: using markets for building urban resilience in Port-au-Prince, Haiti”.

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