Master's Degree Programme, 2 years, Trondheim


– Programme components

General conditions

The MSc in Biotechnology is two years of full-time study, where the normal workload for a full-time student for one academic year is 60 credits. It is an International master programme, and all courses are lectured in English.

The Master's programme in Biotechnology consists of two parts:

  • Mandatory and elective courses (60 credits) - both theoretical and methodological
  • Master's thesis (60 credits) - a supervised, individual research project

Master's theses topics

At the MSc in Biotechnology, Master's theses are available within a wide range of research areas:

  • Molecular Biology and Microbiology
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Biopolymer Chemistry and Bionanotechnology
  • Food Chemistry
  • Marine Biochemistry
  • Environmental Biotechnology and Microbial Ecology
  • Systems Biology

See further information about available Master's theses.


Study plan