EMMC Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management - CoMEM

MSc programme, 2 years, Erasmus Mundus

EMMC Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management - CoMEM

– Associated Partners

CoMEM's Associated Partners and other Supporting Organizations include seventeen organisations (sponsors) relevant to the field of CoMEM. Ranging from national authorities to oil companies, private and public research institutes to third country HEI's and larger and smaller consultancy companies. They all strongly support the CoMEM application and commit themselves to contribute in various ways to CoMEM. The sponsors achieve contributions to their R&D through the involvement of the students internships and thesis work and if successful well educated candidates for positions in their own organisation. These professional interactions are also beneficial in view of further research and PhD studies for students.

All endorse the CoMEM and in various ways they will contribute to CoMEM in activities like:

  • Give guest lecturers and/or hold seminars
  • Co-supervision on Masters theses
  • Contribution in excursions
  • Provision of internships/summer-jobs
  • Hosting students for thesis work
  • Contribute to the development of CoMEM
  • Evaluation and Quality Assurance
  • Confirming the need of CoMEM
  • Preparation of  joint publications
  • Financial support to the CoMEM Consortium


ABP Marine Environmental Res

Channel Coastal Observatory



HR Wallingford Ltd



The Honourable Company of Master Mariners 

Nanyang Technological University

Norwegian Coastal Administration

Royal Haskoning

Royal Institution of Naval Architects;

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure


University of Baja California


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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

city university of london

University of Southampton

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