Coastal and Marine Engineering and Managment - CoMEM

Academic opportunities and Employability

The academic opportunities and employability of students is a key indicator of the success of a programme. All the partner institutions have excellent records in this regards at the institutional level and in particular in the programmes relevant to this application. Student records accounted for indicate that 66% are employed in the field outside of academia whereas 32% pursue an academic career. A majority of both categories are either employees or academics at the consortium partners or their academic, industrial or commercial associated partners and network.

To ensure that the CoMEM academic content meets the socio-economic and professional needs, the industry is highly involved in the curriculum of the study programmes. Examples are in the capacity of guest lectures, part-time Professorships, supervision, internship placements and through their contributions as Associated Partners and CoMEM Advisory Board members. Close interaction with industry has impact on the content of the programme. The accreditation of the partners' programmes by professional bodies such as the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Institution of Marine Engineering Science and Technology are a direct result of the relevance to industry and the employability of graduates.