Exchange scholarships

Erasmus+ Mobility scholarship

Application after arrival through NTNU

EU students can after arrival first semester at NTNU apply for an Erasmus+ student exchange scholarship. When you apply for this scholarship at NTNU the scholarship period awarded will be either one or two semesters depending on the length of stay at your next mobility.

For example if you choose Track 1 then you will be staying at TU Delft for 2 semesters (semester 2 and 3) and can apply for a one year scholarship.

If you for example choose Track 5 then you will spend semester 2 and UPC, Barcelona before attending semester 3 at Southampton. This means you can apply for a scholarship for your one semester (semester 2) at UPC.

Please note that the deadline is 15 September (for 2018). If you are interested please contact the CoMEM Administrative Coordinator:

The contacts and the International Student affairs office for submission of the applications is: and