MSc programme, 2 years, Erasmus Mundus

EMMC Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management - CoMEM

– Programme structure and mobility tracks

CoMEM 2013-2019

Structure and mobility of the programme with the five specialisation Tracks.

CoMEM Programme structure and mobility tracks

The first year acts as a foundation, providing academic and social coherence through compulsory and optional modules, project work and fieldtrips. The second year is focused on specialization and the final thesis. The optional courses are selected by the student in consultation with the CoMEM Track tutors (tt). The full range of distinctive skills offered by the five partners is brought together: these can only be accessed by student mobility. Thus CoMEM is divided into five tracks (specialisations): 1: Arctic Marine Coastal Engineering (NTNU, tt: Raed Lubbad); 2: Marine Operations and Management (City, London, tt: John Carlton) ; 3: Environment and Management (Southampton, tt: Robert Nicholls); 4: Coastal Engineering (TU Delft, tt: Bas Hofland); 5: Engineering and Environment (UPC, Barcelona, Octavio César Mösso Aranda). During semester 1, all students attend NTNU for a common foundation suitable for the five different tracks. A schematic representation of the structure of the mobility is presented in the figure above.

The educational, social and advantages of mobility are deeply embedded into the ethics of the COMEM programme and will prepare the students with highly employable skills demanded by industry to give them a competitive edge to work in an increasing global environment. The unique mobility path per track is content driven and follows the location of expertise and curriculum integration. The mobility of the students is justified by the underlying premise that the best use of the resources of each partner university can be achieved by the students immersing themselves in the environment of the universities of each track. As such, the five unique and integrated study Tracks are defined in the Programme Content.

The first academic year:

Semester 1
From mid August to 20. December     (approx.)
- All students live in Trondheim. 

Semester 2
From February 1. to late June        (approx.)
- Track 1 & Track 4 students live in Delft.
- Track 2, Track 3 & Track 5         students live in Barcelona.

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The second academic year:

Semester 3
From September/October to January/February (approx.)

- Track 1 students live in Delft.
- Track 2 students live in London.
- Track 3, Track 4 and Track 5 students live in Southampton.

Semester 4
From  January/February to Late June (approx.)
- Students do their master thesis at their Track home university.  Living address can be different due to placement outside university.