Master of Science in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management

International Civil Engineering Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus mobility programme

Master of Science in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management

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Please note that our current Erasmus Mundus contract with Brussels ends with cohort 2017-2019. Thus the CoMEM consortium will not be able to award Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for the 2018-2020 cohort. However, the CoMEM consortium plans to offer CoMEM for self-funded applicants for the cohort 2018-2020. 

The application window for start 2018 will most likely be opened 15. December 2017.
Application deadline will most likely be 1. March 2018.




Athul Sasikumar (CoMEM 2014-2016) won the Best Masters Thesis Presentation competition held at the Department of Civil and Transport Engineering NTNU. The Masters students participate in the competition with two qualifications rounds from which the four best presentations are selected foe the final round. The competition is based on the popular and televised Norwegian Research Grand Prix, where PhD Candidates present their research to a diverse audience. Athul Presented his work on his Masters thesis titled “Numerical Modeling of Wave Hydrodynamics and Wave Interaction with Porous Breakwaters using REEF3D”. He chose the CoMEM Track 1 study programme with two semesters each at NTNU and TU Delft and currently is with the Marine civil engineering research group at NTNU. He works with the Open source CFD model REEF3D developed at the department and is supervised by Associate Professor Hans Bihs and Post Doc Arun Kamath.



Wenjun Lu, Post Doc at NTNU awarded 2015 Chorafas Prize!

The NTNU Chorafas committee has decided to award the 2015 Chorafas Prize to Wenjun Lu. He is currently employed as a Post Doc at NTNU / IVT Faculty, Department of Civil and Transport Engineering, Marine Civil Engineering Research Group. He is also active in the NRC Center for Research Based Innovation: Sustainable Arctic Marine and Coastal Technology (SAMCoT). Wenjun Lu is a CoMEM Alumni from the 2008-2010 cohort.

The prize is $5.000. CONGRATULATIONS!

The faculty expects to receive the check award in August, 2015. They will arrange a ceremony to present the award. 

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