Coordinating University

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology – NTNU


NTNU was established in 1996 as a further development of the University of Trondheim (UNiT). The university itself, founded in 1910, has contributed a solid century of academic achievements and discoveries that have shaped Norwegian society. NTNU has seven faculties and 53 departments. It is a university with a broad academic scope that has its main focus on technology and the natural sciences. The university has 20 000 students of which about 850 come from other countries and 4800 staff which over half in academic or scientific positions. NTNU is located in Trondheim, about 500 km north of the capitol Oslo, Norway.

The Academic Coordinator at NTNU is Øivind A. Arntsen. He  is Associate Professor of Marine Civil Engineering since 1990. He has a in technical oceanography.  His research concerns design and construction of breakwaters and other structures in the coastal zone, including assessments of impacts to climate change. Main interest has been on physical modelling and analyses of measured data. Funding includes the Norwegian research council and the government, the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the European Union and the industry. He has administrative skills from several years as deputy head of his department and as coordinator of international masters programmes.

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Sonja Marie Ekrann Hammer