Master`s Degree Programme, 2 years, Trondheim

(MSc in) Industrial Design

– Job prospects

Work opportunities range from project work in the public sector via product development management, construction and product design to interaction design and usability experts. The technology programme in Industrial Design (formerly known as Technical Design) is a new programme. The first candidates graduated only six years ago. Their work tasks are mostly related to the development and design of new products. Our graduated candidates work within:

    design and product development (45%);

    technology-based industry (25%);

    information technology and communication (15%);

    research and communication (15%).

Here, we present three former students who represent this diversity:

Åse-Kari Haugeto

Position: Project Manager "Design without Borders"
Firm: Norsk Form
Graduated: 2000

”Norsk Form is a foundation established by the Norwegian Ministry of Cultural Affairs, with some 25 employees. We work with the built environment: Daily life’s objects, buildings and problems related to cities and densely populated areas. We do anything from publishing books and arranging meetings, courses and conferences to initiating and managing development projects that function as pilot projects within their fields.

Most of our academic staff members have a background from design or architecture. But we also have professionals from social subjects and pedagogics working in our fields: Design and architecture. It is exciting having colleagues with different angling in their subjects. In addition, I learn a lot for instance within architecture.

Most of our academic staff members are project managers, in projects that cooperate with partners outside Norsk Form. Personally, I am the manager of Design without Borders, a programme aiming to link design/product development towards development aid and \\\relief work. It is a challenging job which involves building up a programme where specific development projects are identified, connected to relevant environments, supported financially and implemented. I don’t do the product development work, but I make sure the right persons are involved and that all projects run as planned. In addition, I help arranging meetings and conferences, I cooperate with the press and give lectures, etc. to spread information about our work.

My job includes a fair amount of travelling and network building, and provides project management experience. Construction, mathematics and advanced computer tools, on the other hand, have been rather absent since I graduated."

Elizabeth Strand

Position: Interaction Designer
Firm: Making Waves
Graduated: 1998

”I have worked as an interaction designer since my graduation. First in Creuna for 3 years, where I was also the \\\professional responsible person the final year. And now in Making Waves – a new company set up by several of the most experienced consultants from the Norwegian technology and design environment. The company's most important areas of expertise include business development, project management, technology and design.

I work mostly with the development of web services such as new services, trade solutions for shares or power, company web pages, and control systems for cash flow monitoring. In my opinion, these services ought to be user-oriented in order to succeed, and I am passionate about developing user-friendly solutions that focus on solving the users' actual needs and tasks.

In my projects, I contribute with the design of user interfaces, from mapping of user needs and other functional requirements via ideas and concepts, to detailed descriptions of interaction and user interface characteristics. As part of my focus on user experience and involvement of users in the developing process, I have good experience with usability testing of services.

We work in interdisciplinary groups on projects – which is necessary in order to deliver good solutions. For this reason, we also need to have an understanding of each other’s fields. Learning how other people think and explaining your own field is fun.

I like working with interaction design because it is user- and task-oriented, which is the very focus of web services development. I work on projects lasting anything from a couple of weeks to several months, with different types of clients with very different needs. It is good to enter working life and discover that your studies are relevant for your working day in so many different areas, for instance information for users, project accomplishment, project cooperation, human-machine interaction, ergonomics, concept development, identity design, design management and a methodological basis for your work."

Nicolay Knudtzon

Position: Product Designer
Firm: NicoDesign Ltd
Graduated: 1999

”After six years as a product designer at VINN Design, I chose to set up my own firm. NicoDesign works for large, established companies as well as for inventors with bright ideas (and little money).

My job is very varied. In my first year after graduation, I took part in the development of a walking frame, hotel safe, city bicycle, wind screen & window system for leisure boats, equipment for the analysis of blood samples and a concept study for a new type of lightning.

I run the firm all by myself, but I share office with three other product developers. Depending on the size of the project, I either work alone or in a team with my network and my employer. My responsibility spans from concept development, design and development of technical solutions to project management, client follow-up and securing commissions.

In my view, the advantage of working in your own firm is that it gives you great opportunities to influence your own day and the firm’s short and long term strategy. After a fun yet at times frustrating and seeking study period, it is very satisfying to discover that you have a lot to contribute after graduation. It is incredibly fun to see the things you draw turn into final products.”