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Start of studies msdesig 2022

Industrial Design - Master's programme 2 years, Trondheim

Start of studies

Welcome to start of studies at NTNU

Welcome to start of studies at NTNU

Monday 15 August

New student at NTNU: Live show

Prepare for the matriculation ceremony and see the students' live show at 08.30 a.m

Matriculation ceremony

Time: 10:00-12:00

Place: Auditorium F1

We gather to watch the matriculation ceremony, followed by the Faculty welcoming ceremony hosted by the Dean.


  • 1010-1030 - Digital ceremoni for all NTNU – Matriculation part 1  

  • Kl. 1030-1100 – Break

  • Kl. 1100-1200 - Faculty matriculation ceremony hosted by the Dean - Matriculation part 2

    • Welcme to our new students

    • Presentation of the Faculty and it's diciplines

    • Presentation of the Faculty student council and how you as a student can influence through the student democracy. 

    • Meet the student association and the student mentors. The Byddy program will then invite all students to join them for the Buddy week activities. 


Read more about being a new student at NTNU 



Join Buddy week and meet new friends from the first day of studies! All new students can participate.

The Buddy week for Design students will be arranged by the student society for Industrial Design, Leonardo.

Students will be added to a Facebook group in late July, and there you will find more information about the social events planned. If you don’t have a Facebook account, contact Henrik Hellum:

It kicks off on Tuesday 16 August, and lasts until Sunday 28 August with a social program.

During the Orientation week, you will get to know NTNU, your city and other international students in fun ways, and learn everything you need to know to get started in Norway and settle in at NTNU. The Office of International Relations arranges the orientation week.

Orientation Week - NTNU in Trondheim

Tuesday 16 August

10:00-12:00 Welcome meeting for all international students at Scandic Lerkendal

12:00-13:00 Lunch with the five-year program students in the Product Design building

13:00-15:00 Welcome meeting at the Department of Design. Room 347 in the Product Design Building


Wednesday 17 August

BBQ and activities outside the International House in allocated groups:






Thursday 18 August

09:00-10:15 Information meetings: Students from outside EU

10:30-11:30 Students from EU

Room: F1 in the IT building

Friday 19 August

10:00-14:00 Hiking Day

Many different student organizations will be present on campus to showcase the variety of activities, causes and organizations you can engage with at NTNU.

Representatives from certain services at NTNU and Sit, such as the Office of International Relations, will also be present.

Voulenteering day - NTNU in Trondheim 

You can easily get to campus by public transport:

Public transport in Trondheim ( 

Find your way on campus

The MazeMap app will guide you to the different buildings and lecture rooms on campus.

Download the MazeMap app for Android (Google Play) and iPhone (AppStore).

NTNU has various part-time classes to help you learn Norwegian as a second language, including a free online course. 

Exchange students can join a 3-week intensive summer course in August.

Course timetables - If  there is no timetable, please contact the department responsible for the course.

If you have any special needs, NTNU can provide several support services. Read more about the disability office.

Join our facebook group

Join our facebook group

Meet your fellow students in the Facebook group for architecture, art and design.