MSc programme, 2 years

Electric Power Engineering

– Programme components

The programme consists of two years of full-time studies, giving a total of 120 ECTS credits. There will not be charged any tuition fee. The teaching language is English.

The curriculum is organized in 2 semesters:
Autumn semester from middle of August to middle of December
Spring semester from January to middle June

The first year includes 8 courses with 4 courses in each semester. The second year is dominated by project work in the Autumn semester, and the Spring semester is completely devoted to the master thesis.

Find the Official study plan here

The curriculum is shown below. Minor changes can be made.


7,5 credits

7,5 credits

7,5 credits

7,5 credits

Spring 2

Master thesis

Master thesis

Master thesis

Master thesis

Autumn 2

Elective 2

TET5500 Spec. project

TET5500 Spec. project

TET5505 Spec. course

Spring 1

Experts in team

Power eng. courses

Power eng. courses

Elective 1

Autumn 1

TET4115 Power system analysis

TET4190 Power Electronics

TET4160 High voltage insulation

TET5100 Power Engineering updates


Power eng. courses: Choose at least two out of these eight courses

Elective 1: Courses that can be chosen will include:

Elective 2: Courses that can be chosen will include:

  • TPK5100 Project Management
  • TPK4120 Safety and Reliability Engineering
  • TET4165 Light and Lighting

Focus on experimental work is ensured through laboratory courses integrated in many of the courses above. In addition the students can include experimental activities in their project and thesis work.

SPECIALIZATIONS: The Master programme provides specialization within three areas:

  • Power system analysis
  • High voltage technology
  • Electric energy conversion
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