Electric Power Engineering

Master’s degree programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Electric Power Engineering

– Study environment



Laboratory facilities

Together with SINTEF Energy Research the department is well equipped and has several modern laboratories for work in high voltage, high current and electrical heating, power electronics and electrical machines as well as materials and lighting laboratories.

Some examples are:

  • High voltage laboratories with voltages up to 800 kV AC and DC, and impulse generators up to 2.4 MV
  • High current laboratories with maximum current 160 kA for a duration of 3 ms and 10 kA stationary
  • Electrical machines up to 55 kW
  • Power electronics
  • Wind power 50 kW test unit
  • Hyperbaric test equipment
  • Long time testing
  • High speed and thermographic cameras
  • Extruder

In addition we have a well equipped computer lab and appropriate software for simulations.

Supporting the activities in the laboratories is a staff of skilled technicians and engineers.

There is also a mechanical workshop, making it possible to design and construct components from scratch.

The quality of life in Trondheim

In Trondheim with 150,000 inhabitants, one person in six is a student and this is something that shapes everyday life. It is also the home city of Rosenborg, the soccer club known from many appearances in the Champions League.

Language skills

In Norway English is a compulsory part of Norwegian schooling, which means that practically every Norwegian has a reasonable knowledge of English. Many Norwegians learn one or more foreign languages besides English. German and French are the most usual third languages.


Trondheim – student town no. 1


The unique round red house by Elgeseter bridge is the Student Society, known as 'Studentersamfundet' or 'Samfundet' for short. 'Samfundet' is owned by over 5000 members. It covers 7000 m2, 43 "floors", and has 350 rooms, including restaurants, pubs, service facilities and club rooms. There are many clubs in 'Samfundet', covering a variety of different interests such as photography, brass bands, orchestras, choirs, magazine publishing, theatre, radio broadcasting, amateur radio as well as others. All these clubs have their own rooms in the round house separated from the party areas. The students in Trondheim run 'Samfundet' themselves. Everything except the cleaning is done by students.

50 000 visitors during UKA

The world's longest rag-week, UKA, is Norway's largest cultural arrangement. Concerts with international rock artists, theatre and the review show are some of the main events. UKA is also a chance for the students to give something back to the local residents. Children's theatre and an open day are regular activities that open up the university to the city.

The world's biggest student conference

The International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT) is held every other year. The 2003 festival is called 'Challenging Attitudes' and will bring 450 student leaders from about 120 countries together for debates, discussion and build up a feeling of community. World figures often attend ISFiT and past speakers have included the Dalai Lama and Chai Ling.

The International Buddy programme at NTNU

We are a group of students who by their own experience realized how fantastic an adventure it is to be an international student at NTNU.

First of all, you will meet people from the whole world who came here to study. You will make a lot of good friends among them, and it will be easier than you think, since they will all be in about the same situation as you. But secondly, and perhaps more importantly, every day you will experience the Norwegian culture and people, and this will be quite different than what you are used to. The Norwegian students will be one of your main pathways leading there. Norwegians are usually very helpful, however, they have their own lives, duties, interests, and a different rhythm of life than the international students. It is therefore often difficult to find a path to them, and it happens that many international students never make friends with a Norwegian at all.

Hence the Buddy programme. Our buddy programme contacts the Norwegian students with the help of Norwegian student organizations, Student Parliament, Office of International Relations, posters, etc. and can provide YOU with a Norwegian student who becomes your personal buddy - somebody who knows a lot about the university, social life, places to go, and has contacts with other Norwegians. The buddy will take time to meet you and join various activities with you. We also organize several activities for buddies and their guests throughout the semester. To join our buddy programme, you can fill the form at www.buddy.ntnu.no anytime throughout the year, although we assign most of the buddies after we recruit them in late August and January.

International Student Organizations

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology)

BEST works in close collaboration with student associations and university authorities, to improve the exchange of technological students in Europe.

ESN (ERASMUS Student Network)

The organization works to integrate international exchange students in the student life at NTNU. Priority tasks at the moment are to build a buddy system and reception programme. Throughout the year ESN arranges trips, parties, excursions, and meetings.

IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience.)

IAESTE provides students at institutions of higher education with technical experience abroad relative to their studies in the broadest sense. For many students this takes the form of short work placements abroad.

ISU (International Student Union)

The ISU works for international students' rights in Norway. It is also in charge of many arrangements throughout the year.

ICOT (International Club of Trondheim)

ICOT was established by a group of international students studying at NTNU, the International Club of Trondheim (ICOT) is a non-profit, non-political and purely social organization for students and their families

Norway's largest sports association NTNUI (see www.ntnui.no)

Sporty students at NTNU can join Norway's largest sports association NTNUI with over 8 000 members and more than 40 different sports groups.

Downhill bicycling

Skiing, both cross country and down hill

Artic / exotic diving all year round

Koier (Cabins) Experience demanding weather and climatic challenges all year round.

For a real taste of Norwegian life you should experience the cabins (koia) run by NTNUI. NTNUI has about 25 koier in the surrounding woods/mountains. (see www.ntnui.no/koiene/)

Pictures from Trondheim

Pictures from Trondheim

Wooden houses in Trondheim

Trondheim's timber buildings make it one of Scandinavia's distingtive cities. Timber buildings are preserved as part of our cultural heritage. (Photo Norsk bildebyrå)

Read, round students' building and old main building of NTNU

Samfundet is where most of the students in Trondheim go at weekends. You get membership prices for conserts and other arrangements.

Students cabin in the woods

For a real taste of Norwegian life you should experience the cabins (koia) run by NTNUI