Electric Power Engineering

Master’s degree programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Electric Power Engineering

– Job prospects

Engineers with a specialization in electric power engineering is in demand all over the world. In Norway there is a steady demand in sectors such as utility companies, industry, consultant and offshore oil and gas exploration. Citizens of EU countries can apply for jobs in Norway. Non-EU citizens will have to obtain a work permit first. Here are some opportunities:

Through industrial network: We have close relations with Norwegian and international industry and utility companies.

Follow up with PhD: Students completing the master programme with an average of B or better can apply for vacant PhD scholarships in electric power engineering at NTNU.

Through project work and master thesis: In almost all our Master thesis the students work closely in cooperation with PhD-students and/or industrial partners.

Innovation: create your own job

Innovation NTNU

  • 2000 jobs created from 1980 to 2000
  • 23 spin-off companies started in 2001

Innovation measures

  • Education in entrepreneurship - Assistance to the formation of new companies.
  • Start NTNU
  • Innovation Centre Gløshaugen
  • Forny Midt-Norge (seed capital)
  • Leiv Eriksson Nyfotek AS

Venture Cup

This is a competition to make the best business plan. Participants receive:

  • free supervision
  • free teaching
  • free evaluation in writing
  • cash prizes for the winners

Venture Cup has been running in parts of Europe since 1996. 50 Venture Cup participants in Norway have now formed companies. Seven of eleven finalists in 2003 came from NTNU.