Electronic Systems Design

Master’s degree programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Electronic Systems Design

– Learning outcome

Learning outcome

Candidates from the programme Electronic Systems Design will be technological problem solvers with relevance to important social challenges. This means that they have the technology- and methodological expertise, and insight into selected current application areas and how electronic solutions are included in these applications.

The technology expertise contains fundamental principles of electromagnetism, optics, and acoustics via electronic component and circuit technology to a higher level of abstraction for systems based on software combined with analog and digital electronics.

Methodological skills involve the analysis and design of analog and digital information and signal processing systems.

Candidates should have insight into the application areas defined by the fields in which the involved research groups are engaged.

Candidates should have a broad and solid foundation for lifelong learning in electronic system design, a field in rapid development.

25 Apr 2019