Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Master's Degree Programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

– Career prospects

Graduates of the Masters programme will be internationally qualified for a wide range of positions in public and government institutions, administrative environmental agencies, consultancy companies and industry. Furthermore, there is an increasing need for competence within the area of risk assessment (REACH).

If you are interested in pursuing a career in research at an academic institution or in industry, you can continue with PhD studies here at NTNU, at another Norwegian institution or an institution abroad.

Competitive advantages
Through this programme you will be part of a large international scientific and industrial network. The candidates in environmental toxicology can after five years of work experience apply to become a “European Registered Toxicologist”.

Examples of where Graduated Students have been/are working:

Public sector

  • Norwegian Environment Agency
  • Ministry of Climate and Environment
  • County Governor, Climate and the environment
  • Local government, Environment
  • Norwegian Food Safety Authority
  • Education
  • Research
    • Universities
    • Research institutes (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES), Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), Sintef)

Private sector

  • Oil industry (Equinor, Shell)
  • Åkerblå
  • Pharmacological industry
  • Internationally consultancy companies
    • Akvaplan-niva
    • COWI
    • Grupo OHL
    • NGI
    • Norconsult AS
    • Pride AS
    • Rambøl
    • Sweco
  • Multiconsult

Examples of Graduated Students' Careers

Examples of Graduated Students' Careers

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Spending time outside

Halvor Saunes, Photo: Halvor SaunesHalvor Saunes graduated in Environmental Toxicology, and works as an Environmental consultant in COWI, an internationally consultancy firm.

Here he has had the opportunity to work with different types of projects within his field. –As an "outdoorsy" person I really like to spend time in the field taking samples and not just being in the office.

A versatile work day

Pernille Bechmann graduated within Environmental Chemistry, and works as an environmental consultant in Norconsult AS.

"The work is very versatile and exciting. I get to do both fieldwork and write reports".

Do you have passion for research?

Do you have passion for research?

If you want profound knowledge within one field of interest, maybe a PhD is something for you?

Paid education: With a degree in MSc in Biology you can choose among the different PhD programmes offered by the Faculty of natural sciences and technology.

The PhD programmes educate independent scientists on an international level in cooperation with both national and international research environments.

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