Geotechnics and Geohazards

Master's Degree Programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Geotechnics and Geohazards

– Programme components

The 2 years Master's Degree Programme in Geotechnics and Geohazards focuses on properties of soils and geological materials, field exploration, field measurements, laboratory testing, computer simulations, risk evaluations and practical design skills aiming for engineering solutions to such challenges related to geohazards.

Research topics

The research topics, for both project work and the master thesis, are geared in the direction of geohazards. Many of the project works and MSc theses will be directly related to ICG projects and will be supervised by researchers from the International Centre for Geohazards (ICG).

For an overview of the courses check out the study plan below. Courses may change, so you should always consult the study plan.


Study plan