Master's degree programme, 2 years

(MSc in) Global Manufacturing Management

– Career Prospects

With a Master's degree in Global Manufacturing Management, Global Production Management, you will have the skills to take part in developing the future technology and sustainable solutions for global enterprises. You will be able to both understand and successfully handle the different dimensions of global processes. Possible career positions could be:

Production Manager:  As production manager typical tasks may be to ensure a suitable organization, investment in automation machinery, continuous improvement and efficiency work, planning of available production capacity in the short, medium and long term, selection as well as implementation of IT support systems.

Entrepreneur: Some students want to start up their own business. Knowledge of finance, procurement, logistics and production are important preconditions to ensure that they are able to realize a business idea and put this into production.

Director - In areas such as technical, operational, supply chain, procurement etc.: A director has overall responsibility for the organization and execution of various tasks and makes the most important overriding decisions in this area. A position you rarely get as a graduate, but rather after some years of experience in the industry. 

Purchasing Manager: As a purchasing manager you typically organize the procurement activities, look into strategies for how close and how many suppliers to involve and evaluate IT solutions to ensure a good and effective communication.

Researcher: Those who work in research & development are responsible for identifying a specific need, and then develop a finished product or service to fulfill it. There are also good opportunities to start an academic career at NTNU or as a researcher at SINTEF after graduation as several highly recognized research groups closely related to the master programme here.

Supply chain manager: Supply chain management is about goods and information flow between all companies in a value chain. A supply chain manager will be responsible for ensuring that the goods and information flow runs smoothly and that all participating companies are working towards a common goal.

Consultant: As a consultant you can work in a consulting company and go into businesses that need assistance in the development or analysis and helps them ensuring success.

Project Manager: The project managers responsibilities is to plan and execute projects in a good way to ensure that the project with its limited resources deliver the desired results within the apportioned time limits.