master's degree programme, 2 years

(MSc in) Global Manufacturing Management

– Collaboration with industry

Education in Global Manufacturing Management is based on students experiencing and exploring real-life industrial challenges in global enterprises. Theoretical topics are exemplified and discussed based on cases from Norwegian and international companies and research projects, and both the internship and the Master thesis may be geared at solving industrial challenges within areas such as Production Strategy, Technology and ICT Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management or Project Management.

NTNU is a very strong brand in Norway, and the absolute majority of people who complete graduate studies get a relevant job offer shortly after and even during their studies. Through summer jobs, specialization projects and the master's thesis many people create networks and get contacts that lead to job offers by the time of graduation. Technology students from NTNU are highly sought by industry, and it is frequently arranged company presentations in both big and small events where NTNU students have good opportunities to establish the contact, with exciting companies in its field, they need to get the job of their desire.

NTNU collaborate closely with Norwegian industry and SINTEF Technology. The students may take part in ongoing research projects, like:

SINTEF Operations Management

NORMAN Centre for Research-based innovation in Manufacturing

The Smartlog network

Working with companies such as: Statoil, Elkem, Hydro AutomotiveKongsberg AutomotiveRaufoss Technology and GKN Aerospace.  


Company Presentations

The Electronics and Technology day, NTNU 2012.

Teknologi Porten (TP) is a corporate contact for the IVT-faculty and is organizing a series of company presentations each semester. They also set up academically intriguing theme nights and excursions. In addition to TP, there are several other student organizations such as Bindeleddet and IASTE which host company presentations for engineering students at NTNU. These presentations and events are a great opportunity for the students to get their "foot-in-the-door" in desired future workplaces.