master's degree programme, 2 years

(MSc in) Global Manufacturing Management

– Master's thesis

The 30 credit Master's thesis should be completed in the fourth semester of study. The Master's thesis should apply theoretical insights to solve industrial challenges within the following areas:

Production Strategy, dealing with the establishment, structuring and management of global manufacturing enterprises in such a way that the overall competitiveness is improved. (Strategic network development, localisation of factories and processes, sourcing and automation strategies)

Technology and ICT Management, dealing with technology management in global enterprises. (technology transfer, use of best practices, automation strategies, new organisational forms)

Supply Chain Management, dealing with the integration of operations in supply chains. (inventory management, procurement, distribution, order management, forecasting, supply chain planning and control)

Operations Management, dealing with logistics- and control processes in a manufacturing company, together with knowledge about principles, tools and systems to analyse, develop and perform these processes. (Material Requirements Planning, Enterprise Resource Planning, Lean Manufacturing, Scheduling)

Project Management, dealing with management of global projects. (Project organisation, project phases and life-cycle, planning quality, cost and time, milestones and activities, international standards and associations)