Master's degree programme, 2 years

Globalization and Sustainable Development

– Programme components

The Master of Science programme in Globalization and Sustainable Development is a two year programme, which awards a total of 120 ECTS credits, 30 credits per term over four terms.

The information below is valid for the academic year 2017-2018.

1st year

1st term (autumn)
Code Title Credits
GEOG3053 Discourses of Development and Globalization 7,5
GEOG3518 Knowledge Management in a Global Economy 7,5
HIST3295 Contemporary International Economic History 7,5
GEOG3005 or
Qualitative Methods or
Quantitative Methods
2nd term (spring)
Code Title Credits
SANT3508 Globalization, Theory and Culture 7,5
  Elective courses 22,5


2nd year

3rd term (autumn)
Code Title Credits
* Internship 30
4th term (spring)
Code Title Credits
* Master's Thesis in Globalization 30

*The course code depends on the student’s departmental belonging.

Elective courses
Code Title Credits Term Admission
GEOG3522 Migration and Development 7,5 Spring Open
SARB3511 Immigration, Integration, Diversity I 7,5 Spring Open
SARB3512 Immigration, Integration, Diversity II 15 Spring Open
SØK2006 International Trade 7,5 Spring Open
SØK2007 Development Economics 7,5 Spring Open
TIØ4261 Green Value Creation and Ethical Perspectives 7,5 Spirng Open
HIST3400 The Global Political Economy of Natural Resources, 1870-2000 7,5 Spring Open

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