Industrial Ecology

Master's degree programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Industrial Ecology

– Job prospects

The human use of resources is becoming increasingly complex. Any product we consume is the result of multiple global supply chains. A master’s degree in industrial ecology equips you with tools to analyze and discuss core aspects of sustainability: climate mitigation, energy and resource use, circular economy and biodiversity.

An industrial ecologist can works as:

  • Sustainability analyst in consultancy, research, public sector and a variety of industries
  • Sustainability specialist/advisor, in large companies, municipalities, regulatory agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Sustainability manager, in public or private enterprises

Attractive green knowledge

There is an increasing demand for candidates that are able to analyze and discuss sustainability and what this means for a given product, company or organisation.

The ability to think in life cycles and systems, and to be able to adapt this perspective to products, technologies, organisations or policy, is key to realise sustainable development. Candidates with these skills are attractive in consultancy, green innovation, NGOs, governance and industry positions, and qualifies you towards a researcher path.

Career interviews

Below you can read interviews with some of our former students.

Asset Publisher

Being a genuinely curious person, research in general draws my attention, no matter which field

Name: Max Koslowski
Programme of study: Industrial Ecology
Graduated from NTNU: 2018
Profession: PhD student
Employer: Albert Ludwig University Freiburg, Germany

I am involved in a project on the prospective assessment of emerging technologies. In this project, we look at the environmental burdens of technologies that are or could be relevant to the industry sector. 

Take time to think about what you enjoy doing as tasks, and what is meaningful to you

Name: Irmeline de Sadeleer
Programme of study: Industrial Ecology
Graduated from NTNU: 2018
Profession: Researcher
Employer: Østfoldsforskning

I stay at the forefront of environmental research with the academic sides it implies (article writing, conferences ect) and at the same time work as a consultant for the industry. I feel it mixes the best of two worlds.

Find a subject or a field that engages you

Name: Renate Stakvik
Programme of study: Industrial Ecology
Graduated from NTNU: 2018
Profession: Environmental Consultant
Employer: Trondheim Municipalitys

The best thing about my job is that the work I do actually has an impact.