Master of Science in Informatics

Master’s degree programme, 2 years

Master of Science in Informatics

– Job prospects

Job prospects

The world is undergoing an enormous digitalization process and by studying informatics you are given the opportunity to participate in this process. In one of the most highly digitalized societies in the world, we depend on experts in informatics to make information technology work.

Specialists in informatics work on the development and maintenance of data processing systems; they understand the systems and make sure they are designed to be useful and secure. Specialists in informatics work on search engines, health technology, databases, game and application development, web applications, data security and mobile technology. Candidates with a master’s degree in informatics are very attractive on the labour market. Most students are offered permanent positions well ahead of their completion of the programme. 

Graduates are frequently offered jobs as:

  • Project managers
  • IT consultants
  • Advisers
  • System architects
  • Developers

After some years of experience, you may obtain positions such as:

  • Development manager
  • Consultants manager
  • Head of major digitalization projects