Master's Degree Programme, 2 years

Mathematical Sciences

Study Environment

Trondheim has a reputation as Norway's best study environment, both academically and for extracurricular activities, so you will have a great deal to look forward to. On the university campus, there are plenty of quiet places for concentration and study. You will have excellent access to computer facilities, which are connected to one of the fastest networks in Norway.

Students in Matteland. Photo.

Student Life

Student life Trondheim is a city of just the right size, offering a wealth of possibilities for leisure activities. NTNUI, our own athletic association, has groups in a wide range of sports. Some members exercise for fun and fitness, while others are professionals in their field. At the Students' Society (Studentersamfundet), you can take part in a variety of cultural activities ranging from singing and theatre to radio and TV production. Of course, Trondheim also offers a rich social life, with many cafés, restaurants and concert venues.

Together with physics students, we also have our own academic and social student organization: Delta. They arrange excursions, parties, and traditional student happenings.

You will also get access to Matteland, the study area reserved for mathematics students. It has plenty of space to work both individually and in groups, with well-equipped computer labs, couches and even a separate room dedicated to table tennis.

The Academic Environment

As well as highly skilled supervisors with wide-ranging mathematical interests, you will meet a community that's serious about the multi-faceted expressions of mathematics. This spirit has been captured in a very popular meeting place for staff and students: The Forum for Mathematical Gems. The forum meets monthly in a informal atmosphere where a speaker gives a popular presentation of a mathematical gem. PhD candidates and Master's Degree students also have seminars where they meet every other week to discuss mathematics, present their results and talk to each other.

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