Do you want to play an essential role in protecting our ocean resources?

Master´s degree programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Do you want to play an essential role in protecting our ocean resources?

– MSc in Ocean Resources (MSOCEAN)

About Ocean Recources - bilde

About Ocean Recources

Do you want to study at a marine biology university in Norway, and get a solid foundation for your further career, both nationally and internationally with a master’s in marine science?

Then the Master in Ocean Resources at NTNU might be the right choice for you. The world’s oceans have huge living resources which will become more and more important for human’s future welfare. In order to use, protect and further sustainably develop these resources, there is a need for dedicated and well-educated young people with broad and interdisciplinary knowledge about marine biological resources, the marine environment and marine technologies that enable sustainable use of resources and societal aspects in the marine sector.

The Master of Science programme Ocean Resources at NTNU (MSOCEAN) is a two-year international, multidisciplinary MSc-programme with five specializations. Both natural science and engineering departments are involved, and the programme is specially designed to give the students a broad understanding of the complex interactions in the marine sector. NTNU has excellent research communities in marine science and technology, and students can meet and work with their future employers and develop contacts with other relevant partners.

Specializations available for MSc Ocean Resources:

● Ecosystems – Biology, ecology, and biogeochemistry

● Aquaculture/ Sustainable Aquaculture (DTU)

● Harvesting

● Marine biochemistry and -biotechnology

● Aquatic food science

The programme aims to give the students a broad knowledge perspective besides their main in-depth specialization in marine science or marine engineering. If you find it stimulating to take part and work with the further development of human’s sustainable use, protection of marine living resources, and aquaculture development, then the MSc program Ocean Resources is something you should consider.

Practical information

Practical information