Master's degree programme, 2 years

Exercise Physiology

– Programme Components

The first semester is primarily based on theory and lectures. From the second semester most attention is directed towards preparing for carrying out an experiment representing work at the forefront of the research in exercise physiology in close co-operation with the professors in the research group. The quality of research is high, and the master's thesis is expected to contain data of a quality that makes international publication possible.


Year 1: Autumn

SPO3020 Training Circulation and Oxygen Consumption

7.5 credits

SPO3030 Training Muscle and Force Production

7.5 credits

SPO3055 Research Methods in Exercise Physiology

7.5 credits

KLH3100 Introduction to Medical Statistics

7.5 credits

Year 1: Spring

SPO3040 Environmental Adaptations

7.5 credits

SPO3060 Specialisation in Exercise Physiology

15 credits

Experts in Teamwork

7.5 credits

Year 2

SPO3900 Thesis in Exercise Physiology

60 credits


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