Master's Degree Programme, 2 years

Global Health

– Programme Components

The MSc is a two-year, full-time programme starting in the autumn semester (mid-August). There are three main components: courses in global health (30 ECTS credits), courses in research methods and interdisciplinary project work (30 credits) and a master's thesis (60 credits). 

Below you find a list of the courses which will be offered. Please note that minor changes may occur.

Full programme description 2018/2019

Course code Course title Credits Semester
List of Courses
MH3000 Introduction to Research Methods 7.5 Autumn
MH3003 Statistics for Medicine and Health Sciences 7.5 Autumn
PH3000 Global Health 15 Autumn + spring
PH3001 Qualitative Research Methods 7.5 Autumn
MH3002 Epidemiology I 7.5 Spring
PH3002 Innovation in Global Health 7.5 Spring
EiT Experts in Teamwork 7.5 Spring
PH3901 Thesis in Global Health 60 Both
Semester 7.5 credits 7.5 credits 7.5 credits 7.5 credits


Model of the Master's Programme

1 (autumn) MH3000 MH3003 PH3000 PH3001
2 (spring) EiT MH3002 PH3002
3 (autumn) Work with Master's Thesis
4 (spring) PH3901


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