Master's degree programme, 2 years

RAMS challenges in ocean energy utilization

– Experts in a team

Norwegian title
Sikkerhet-, pålitelighet- og vedlikeholdsutfordringer ved utnyttelse av havenergi 

Course code: TPK4851 

Type of village: longitudinal , Lecturing language: English 

Disciplinary requirements within on or more of the following fields

  • Reliability
  • Maintenance
  • Risk analysis
  • Safety management
  • Risk communication
  • Power generation
  • Electrical transmission systems
  • Ethics 

Background and topic

The climatic changes call for use of more renewable energy sources. Utilisation of ocean energy is one of many ways to do this. Wind -, wave-, tidal- and current energy are seen as the realistic energy sources. A huge number of challenges exist. In this village challenges within the RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) is the main topic. However, RAMS topics cannot be studied isolated. We need to focus on technological aspects, managerial aspects, accessibility (how to enter e.g., a wind turbine in high waves), conflicts with fishery etc.

External cooperation

Expectations for students
Hard work, cooperative attitude and enthusiasm