Master’s Degree Programme, 2 years

(MSc in) Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety

– Study Environment

As a RAMS Master's degree student, you will be offered your own individual work-space in a new and modern building, access to modern facilities for seminars, lectures, and relaxation, as well as a modern computer lab. As one of maximum 30 students (from different countries and cultures), you will soon become acquainted with your fellow students.


The Master's programme builds on many years of experience from industry-related projects and research. In an evaluation of all engineering programmes in Norway conducted by an international expert panel, the group responsible for this Master's programme (RAMS group) received excellent marks in all the categories evaluated:

  1. scientific quality and productivity,
  2. relevance and impact, and
  3. strategy, organization and research cooperation.

Together with scientists from the research foundation SINTEF, this group represents the largest research organization in Europe within RAMS.