Master’s Degree Programme, 2 years

(MSc in) Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety

– Career prospects

Candidates within RAMS field are attractive to the market and have had no problems finding good jobs. The type of work varies quite a bit, as the competence is of great use to all kinds of industry that rely on reliability, availability, maintainability and safety.

Because project assignments and the master's thesis are regularly connected to practical problems within business and industry, students acquire a network that often results in job offers.

Many who complete the programme begin work in leading companies such as: Elkem, Hydro and Norske Skog, in addition to oil companies and suppliers to the oil industry. Others obtain positions in consultancies such as Det Norske Veritas, Safetec or Scandpower; and at NSB and Jernbaneverket you will find many RAMS graduates.

In many Norwegian companies the working language is Norwegian, hence improving your skills in Norwegian will increase the chance to get a position in these companies.

RAMS related vacant positions in NORWAY