Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment

Master’s degree programme, 2 years, Glasgow/Leioa/Nantes/Trondheim

Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment

– Admission

Admission requirements

The deadline for returning the application form and the required documentation will be announced on the REM website but will normally be before 15th of March every academic year. In the cases of late registration, applications will only be accepted in the event of evidenced technical failure of the online registration platform.

An advanced preliminary pre-registration deadline at the 1st of March may be offered to 3rd country students and European candidates to Erasmus Mundus funding in order to provide them with a conditional pre-acceptance letter that might help them in obtaining visas and grants to be enrolled in the Programme. A firm offer will only be made on completion of the general application procedure.

See the official website for admission requirements and application form:

Website for admission