Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment

Master’s degree programme, 2 years, Glasgow/Leioa/Nantes/Trondheim

Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment

– Why REM?


Why Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment?

Renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role for the vision of a sustainable future. At a social level, renewable energy contributes to a more sustainable energy system, by providing a more independent power system and contributing to the reduction of global warming and climate change.

Offshore renewable energy has a vast potential, but represents a major technological challenge. The harsh conditions offshore demand advanced specific knowledge in various scientific and technological fields, and specifically trained professionals are demanded by this industry. The aim of the REM Master is to produce specialists with the required skills to accomplish this technological challenge.

The Master provides the student with skills in assessment, analysis, simulation, development and exploitation of all available energy in the marine environment, and in project development of safe, efficient and reliable marine energy generation plants, including operation and maintenance design and study of the integration of the plants in the electric system.

The completion of the Master will prepare the student for leadership roles in various renewable energy and marine sectors. Students will be able to carry out high-level technical jobs with engineering companies, equipment manufacturers and other marine industries, in addition to exciting career opportunities in research.