MSc in Silicon and Ferroalloy Production is substituted with the new Master's Degree Programme: MSc in Light Metals, Silicon and Ferroalloy Production

Master's Degree Programme, 2 years

MSc in Science in Silicon and Ferroalloy Production

– About the Programme

The Norwegian silicon- and ferroalloy-industry has a strong position worldwide, and within this field, both research and teaching in Norway are in the forefront. While the production of metallurgical grade silicon and ferroalloys has a long tradition, the new and challenging area within this field is the production of solar grade silicon. Through close cooperation between the university and the industry, the students will perform industry related research projects.

The Masters Programme in Silicon and Ferroalloy Production is new from august 2008 and lasts for two academic years. The first year will provide the students with the necessary background in materials science, electrometallurgy, thermodynamics and production of silicon and ferroalloys. In addition, the students will be taught the experimental techniques needed for the project and their thesis work. The students will be offered to join a one week seminar abroad at the end of second semester, with a mixture of technical and non-technical courses. The third semester provides some specialisation through the project work. The students will, as a part of their study, present their work at a Nordic Symposium alternating between the Nordic countries. The specialization within metallurgy continues through the work with the MSc thesis in the fourth semester. The MSc thesis corresponds to four months full-time work. The topics for the project and the MSc thesis are closely related to current research projects at our Institute of material Science and Engineering as well as to the industrial partners.

The basis of the silicon and ferroalloy production in Norway is a high technical expertise as well as a high level of awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation. The two year study programme gives the students a solid basis for embarking on a career with interesting challenges.

Photo: Melinda Gaal

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