Sustainable Manufacturing

Master's Degree Programme, 2 Years, Gjøvik

Sustainable Manufacturing

– About Sustainable Manufacturing
A person holding machine parts
Photo: Oda Hveem

Sustainability is a relevant field of study related to the environmental challenges the world faces today. Master in sustainable manufacturing has its core area within ​​manufacturing with a focus on sustainability in the environment, climate, society and economy.

Master in sustainable manufacturing will provide expertise within sustainability in several aspects of manufacturing: operations, lean management, product development, project management, information technology, risk management and quality. You will gain in-depth knowledge about various theories and methods that exist and that will enable you to map the sustainability of production processes and products.

The basis for the master degree is in the needs of industry. The students are closely connected to the industry.

The master’s degree close connection to the industry will enhance the understanding of the challenges manufacturing are facing and the need for expertise in the future.

Scientists, engineers and managers from the regional industry will complement the professional staff teachers as guest lecturers.

Language of instruction is English.



Surveillance of bolts in wind turbines

Intelligent, wireless monitoring of loose bolts in wind turbine farms through novel sensor technology.