Master's Degree Programme, 2 years, Gjøvik

Sustainable Manufacturing

– Programme components

The master programme will provide the students with a broad foundation for sustainable manufacturing. The programme will be based upon contemporary research in the field of Sustainable Manufacturing, as well as cases and examples from industry.


The tables below are valid for the 2017/2018 academic year. There may be changes to the curricula in subsequent years.

For more details, please see the Study plan:

For part-time students the subjects will normally be distributed over 4 years. Please see the Study plan for details:

Table of subjects

Master in Sustainable Manufacturing

Course code Course name C/E *) ECTS each. semester
  S1(A) S2(S) S3(A) S4(S)
TØL4006 Scientific Methodology C 7,5      
TØL4007 Product Development C 7,5      
TØL4008 Sustainable Development C 7,5      
TØL4024 Manufacturing Management  C 7,5      
TØL4009 Zero Defect Manufacturing  C   7,5    
TØL4025 Experts in Teamwork  C   7,5    
TØL4010 Sustainability Assessment  C   7,5    
TØL4013 Industry 4.0 C   7,5    
TØL4014 Sustainable manufacturing systems C     7,5  
TØL4015 Project Work C     7,5  
  Elective course E     7,5  
  Elective course E     7,5  
TØL4902 Master's Thesis-Sustainable Manufacturing  C       30
Sum: 30 30 30 30
*) C - Compulsory course, E - Elective course