MSc programme, 5 years

5-year MSc in Communication Technology (CommTech)

Students at the lab

About Communication Technology

The objectives of the programme is to educate civil engineers with knowledge and skills about communication systems and networks as well as network based services and applications for the multi-fold of needs of the actors in the commercial and public domain. A CommTech civil engineer shall master technical challenges as well as challenges that need due understanding of the interaction between technical, economical, and other societal aspects.

The first three years of the programme give a common technical background in communication technology, data, mathematics and physics. After the third year specialisations are chosen. The specialisations are:

  • Information security
  • Networks, services and applications
  • Digital economy

The study also includes a number of non-technical and interdisciplinary courses.

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Degree: Master of Technology
Duration: 5 years, 300 ECTS
Programme code: MTKOM
Restricted admission: Yes
Language of instruction: Norwegian and English 

Department of Information Security and Communication Technology

City: Trondheim, Norway
Application deadline: 15 April

This information is relevant for the present academic year.

Application deadline

15. April